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Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks do you have to be to get an ultrasound?

* If you are 4 weeks or less its too soon for us to see anything
* We see a gestational sac at 5 weeks 
*We can detect a baby and pick up a heart rate after 6 weeks

How many weeks do you have to be to see gender?

* We can see and determine gender as early as 14 weeks
* We do not offer genetics testing for gender at this time, you can get this service with your provider via bloodwork

At what stage do you offer 4D Ultrasounds?

* We recommend 4D between 26-32 weeks
* After 32 weeks the baby is too big and we aren't able to see the baby's features well enough to offer this service
* 4D ultrasounds require a good amount of amniotic fluid around your baby in order to get good quality images
* We advise that all expectant moms drink 4-6 bottles of water daily to ensure good fluid around the baby for image quality purposes


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